Campaign Finance Disclosure for Holly Springs Candidates

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The campaign committees for candidates running for elected office in Wake County, including the committees for Holly Springs municipal candidates, are required to submit campaign finance disclosure and other reports, to the Wake County Board of Elections, on a scheduled basis, before and after the November 5, 2013 municipal election. Below are the due dates for the various reports:

The most recent campaign report was due on 10/1/13. The “Thirty-Five Day Report” requires disclosure of various accounting related activities connected with campaigns, including reciepts, sources of campaign contributions (individuals, PACS, etc.), loans to the campaign, expenditures and various other items. Campaign contributions that meet a certain dollar threshold must be disclosed in the reports, including the sources and names of the contributions and whether they are from individuals and/or political committees.

After campaign reports are received by the Wake County Board of Elections (WCBOE), the pages are scanned and then made available for public review at the WCBOE Web site, Campaign Finance Reports page.

I find reviewing campaign reports to be interesting, because they can potentially identify the money sources that are backing candidates and also identify trends related to specific entities or individuals that are being paid for services or work connected to campaigns.

For example: the image pasted below is from the 7-29-2013, Campaign Disclosure Report that was submitted to WCBOE by the Committee to Elect Linda Hunt Williams. In the disbursement section of the report, on page 4, the Committee for candidate Williams, paid $75 to Christine Dickson, the spouse of another current and former town council candidate (Hank Dickson) for services related to “Web site” and “Photography”.

There are 12 candidates running for public office in the 2013, Holly Springs municipal election. As of today, 10-9-13, the WCBOE Campaign Finance Reports page, indicates that some — but not all — HS candidates have their respective “Thirty-Five Day Report”, posted on the Web site. Why are some Thirty-Five Day Reports posted on the site and not others? It could be that WCBOE is backed-up processing and then posting reports from across the entire county or perhaps some candidates may have experienced delays in creating and submitting their reports. Also, if a candidate committee declares at the onset, that their committee’s campaign expenditures and such will be under a specific dollar threshold, some reports are not required to be filed and this could potentially be the reason why some candidate reports have not been posted on the WCBOE Web site.

The Holly Springs candidates listed below with embedded links, have their campaign’s Thirty-Five Day Reports posted on the WCBOE Web site, as of 5:08 pm today. Clicking on a link will take you to the Thirty-Five Day Report, as related to the specific candidate at the WCBOE Web site:

Cleve Bardin

Jimmy Cobb

Vinnie DeBenedetto

Hank Dickson, NOT POSTED

Gerald Holleman

Timothy Howard, NOT POSTED

Teshor J. Oates

Tom O’Brien

Anthony Perna, NOT POSTED

Dick Sears

Arthur (Pete) Utley, Jr., NOT POSTED

Linda Hunt Williams

It would appear that some candidates took care in making sure their reports were legible and easy to read, as compared to other reports. Perhaps in the future, WCBOE will potentially consider having candidates prepare and submit data online for campaign reporting requirements, resulting in reports that are both timely and easier to read.

Finally, another interesting observation crossing some of the campaign disclosure reports, is related to campaign contributions by the “NC Homebuilders Association, Build PAC”. Will homebuilding interests be the largest source for campaign contributions in the 2013, Holly Springs municipal election?

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